69 Different Types Of Bread: Wheat, Rye, Sourdough, And More


Low-carb diets may attempt to eliminate bread, yet it remains “the staff of life” for the vast majority of us. Yes, it’s carbohydrate-laden, but there’s a reason why bread has been a part of the human diet since the Neolithic period, around 10,000 years ago. It’s delectable. It’s also affordable and filling. Because so many people have loved different types of bread for so long, it’s not surprising that a slew of superstitions have sprung up around them, such as the legend that whoever eats the last slice must kiss the cook, or the old wives’ tale that eating the crusts will cause your hair to curl.

Types of Bread

Bread is boiled, steamed, and fried, according to Merriam-Webster, and is “typically baked and leavened food composed of a combination whose fundamental ingredient is wheat or meal.” From Australia’s renowned damper, a wheat-based bread typically baked over campfire embers, to mantou, a Chinese steamed bun made with white flour, nearly every culture has its unique variety of bread.

Beyond plain white bread, there’s a whole world of bread to discover, so why not spice up your table with one of the following bread varieties?

Different Types of Bread Names With Pictures

Here is the latest list of all types of bread names with pictures and images that you should know about.

1. Ciabatta

Ciabatta is an Italian bread prepared with wheat flour, salt, yeast, and water. Though the texture and crust differ significantly from region to region in Italy, the basic components stay the same. Naturally, ciabatta is excellent for sandwiches and paninis.

2. Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread
Whole-wheat bread, unlike white bread, is produced with flour that contains virtually the entire wheat grain, including the bran and germ. This means that each slice has more nutrients and fibre! This bread is also wonderful for sandwiches or egg in a hole, which is my personal favorite.

3. Sourdough

Sourdough is a yeasted bread produced from a starter, which is a fermented wheat and water combination that produces many batches of bread. It can even be stored for a very long time! The outcome is a loaf with a thick crust, a soft, chewy interior, and a lot of air bubbles. It makes a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich!

4. Rye Bread

Rye Bread
Rye bread is produced using a mix of bread flour and rye flour, which gives it a strong rye taste and a tight texture. For an earthy taste, caraway or dill seeds are frequently included. Pastrami and corned beef sandwiches are made on rye bread, which lends them their distinct flavor.

5. Pita Bread

Pita Bread
Pita is a leavened flatbread made of wheat flour that originated in the Middle East. They’re baked at high temperatures, which allows the dough’s moisture to escape. This creates a huge air bubble in the centre, which when split in half makes a pocket ” ideal for a falafel sandwich on the go. When sliced into wedges and toasted, they’re also great for dipping.

6. Focaccia

Focaccia is an Italian flatbread cooked on a baking sheet or in a skillet. The dough is comparable to pizza dough and is seasoned with fresh herbs and garlic on occasion. It’s frequently brushed with olive oil before baking to create a delicate yet crispy crust. It’s wonderful for dipping in soup or serving with meat and cheese, but it’s also delicious on its own.

7. Multigrain

Multigrain bread is precisely that: bread made with grains such as barley, flax, millet, and oats. Multigrain has a robust texture and a deep earthy taste. Perfect for your avocado toast in the morning.

8. Brioche

Brioche is an egg and butter-based French bread. It’s light and airy, with a tight crumb and a hint of sweetness. It features a totally soft crust that is golden in color thanks to an egg wash added right before baking. Do you want to create the greatest French toast you’ve ever had? The best bread to use is brioche.

9. Banana Bread

Banana Bread

We may also include zucchini bread in this group. Banana and zucchini bread are thick, moist, sweet desserts generally leavened chemically using baking soda or powder. These “fast” breads are said to have originated in the United States, where bakers first employed pearlash, a refined type of potash, to produce carbon dioxide in dough in the 18th century. Today, bakers in the United States look for banana bread recipes more than any other type of bread. It’s so popular that it even has its own holiday: National Banana Bread Day is celebrated on February 23.

10. Baguette

Nothing else in the bread family, not even the deliciously flaky croissant, evokes visions of the Eiffel Tower and all things French quite like the baguette. Flour, yeast, water, and salt are used to make the long, stick-like loaf, which is also known as French bread due to its roots. The famous baguette is defined by its chewy crust, feather-light inside, and topside slits, which allow for gas expansion during baking, from those simple ingredients.

11. Breadstick

Would an Italian supper be complete without a portion of this pencil-thin dry bread served as an appetiser atop the table? Breadsticks, which are much smaller than a baguette, are thought to have originated in the 17th century in the boot-shaped nation. Nowadays, they’re often served soft and warm, topped with cheese and garlic, or as a dessert with icing and cinnamon in American restaurants.

12. Brioche

Brioche, a typically sweet yeast bread filled with eggs and butter, owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to the French for creating it. People have enjoyed the golden, pillow-soft pastry for centuries”the name brioche goes back to 1404″and it’s now widely used as hamburger buns, dinner rolls, and even in French toast dishes.

13. Challah

Challah, a braided bread prepared with eggs, is an important part of the Jewish faith. It was originally called berches before the name challah was established in the Middle Ages, and it was served on the Sabbath and festivals. From the poppy and sesame seeds placed on top, which represent manna from God, to the plaited form, which signifies love, the bread continues to hold deep meaning.

14. Cornbread

Cornbread is a bread that originated with Native Americans and is perhaps most identified with the region south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Southern-style cornbread is typically cooked in a skillet, either unleavened or with baking powder, using finely crushed corn, wheat flour, eggs, and milk (or buttermilk). This classic cornbread is crumbly, rich, and crispy, and it should be eaten right away because it doesn’t keep well.

15. Focaccia

Focaccia, another Italian bread, is a flat, dimpled yeast bread that resembles pizza dough and is baked in sheet pans at high temperatures. Focaccia’s precise origins are uncertain, however it may date back to Ancient Rome. It’s sometimes sprinkled with olive oil, rosemary, and coarse salt. The word “focaccia” comes from the Latin word “panis focacius,” which means “fireplace bread.” savoury toppings such olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms are common in modern versions.

16. Pumpernickel

Pumpernickel is a type of rye bread that comes from Germany and is prepared with coarsely crushed whole rye berries. The original method necessitates a great deal of patience, since it asks for baking pumpernickel at a low temperature for up to 24 hours. Instead of a long oven session, Americans add molasses or coffee to pumpernickel to dark colors.

17. Soda Bread

Soda Bread
Anyone who takes St. Patrick’s Day seriously knows that the Emerald Isle is home to the world’s most renowned soda bread. Traditional soda bread comprises soft wheat flour, buttermilk, baking soda, and salt, and recipes vary significantly between Ireland and the United States. This dense bread has a thick crust and a moderate flavor, however bakers in the United States like to add raisins to give it a subtle sweetness.

18. White Bread

White Bread
When most people think of bread, they think of basic white bread. This bread is generally light, fluffy, and excellent for sandwiches, and is baked with all-purpose or bread flour, or a mix of the two.

19. Gluten-Free Bread

Gluten Free Bread
This sort of bread necessitates gluten-free flour and gums and binders to assist complete the activities that gluten normally does. When prepared correctly, gluten-free bread might be difficult to tell from from conventional bread! Find out what happens to your body when you don’t eat gluten.

20. Egg Bread

Egg Bread
Because of the large amount of eggs in the dough, breads like challah and brioche are especially rich. These loaves are wonderful on their own (no need for toppings!) They do, however, produce a fantastic batch of French toast.

21. Potato Bread

Potato Bread
Some of the usual flour in a loaf of potato bread is substituted with potato flour, flakes, or simply mashed potatoes. It has a somewhat thicker texture than conventional sandwich breads, and it does have a trace of potato taste. Check out our flour guide if you’re interested in learning more about different flours and when to use them.

22. No-Knead Bread

No Knead Bread
You don’t want to do an arm workout? Traditional loaves need more effort than no-knead bread. Simply combine the ingredients for the dough and allow it to rise. It’s a simple bread to make for new bakers.

23. Dutch-Oven Bread

Dutch Oven Bread
You have more alternatives than a conventional loaf pan when it comes to making bread. Cast-iron skillets and oven-safe dutch ovens are excellent bread vessels. We also like this pan, which bread bakers created for bread bakers.

24. French Bread

French Bread
While there are many different types of French bread, the most popular ones, such as baguettes and boules, have a crusty surface and a chewy texture, making them ideal for ripping, dipping, and slathering with butter. It’s not uncommon for these breads to take a long time to prepare.

25. Italian Bread

Italian Bread
Italian breads are a joy, especially when they’re hot out of the oven. They’re very soft with a light, chewy crust. There are many various varieties of Italian bread, but this one goes well with your favorite Italian pasta dishes or simply a pat of butter.

26. Curry Bread

Curry Bread
Curry bread is prepared by wrapping Japanese curry with dough. The dough is then breaded before being deep fried or baked.

27. Beer Bread

Beer Bread
Beer bread uses the bubbly fermentation of your favorite drink instead of yeast. It’s frequently seasoned with additional ingredients like as cheeses, herbs, or honey.

28. Fruited Yeast Bread

Fruited Yeast Bread
For festivals, several cultures prepare special-occasion breads. The loaves may be jam-packed with dried fruits, citrus zests, and nuts, and they are certainly deserving of a toast. Another beautiful Christmas bread to try is this twisted star bread.

29. Quick Bread

Quick Bread
Quick breads, as their name indicates, do not require the use of yeast. To rise, they instead employ baking soda, baking powder, or a mixture of the two. Banana bread and pumpkin bread are two popular fast bread recipes, but there are so many more to try!

30. Biscuits

Biscuits are tiny spherical biscuits with a browned outside and a fluffy inside. They’re made with baking powder or baking soda, and buttermilk is frequently used. This morning treat’s flaky texture makes it ideal for spreading butter, jellies, and preserves over. Seriously, a biscuit pairs well with just about everything.


31. Dinner Rolls

Dinner Rolls
White flour is used in traditional dinner rolls to give them a smooth, pillowy texture that goes well with meats, soups, and stews. There are other variants prepared using wheat flour, herbs, spices, cheese, and just about anything else.

32. Crescent Rolls

Crescent Rolls
Crescent rolls, like dinner rolls, are meant to be served alongside your favorite meal. They’re prepared with a light, fluffy dough that’s sliced and rolled into the classic accordion form.

33. Bagels

Please pass the cream cheese! Bagels are a breakfast classic with a thick, chewy texture. They’re perfect for making sandwiches or spreading spreads over.

34. Cornbread

Cornbread is a Southern staple, but it has also made its way to other areas of the country. The bread is distinct due to its use of cornmeal, which gives it a gritty, super-absorbent texture.

35. Naan

Naan bread is a soft, somewhat chewy flatbread that is an important element of various Asian cuisines (especially Indian cuisine). It’s typically prepared in a tandoor oven, although it may also be prepared in a hot cast-iron pan. The flatbread swells up with air and then deflates, generating bubbles while it cooks. Naan is ideal for serving alongside your favorite curry.

36. Tortillas

Tortillas are a thin, chewy flatbread that are popular in Mexico. They’re usually baked using all-purpose flour or masa harina (a flour produced from dried maize kernels). Tortillas are ideal for tacos, burritos, and a variety of other Mexican dishes.

37. Arepa Bread

Arepa Bread
This cornmeal-based flat and circular bread is mostly consumed in Colombia and Venezuela. It may be baked, grilled, or fried, and other ingredients, such as ground beef and black beans, can be added. Arepa bread is naturally gluten-free since it is not manufactured with wheat.

38. Chapati Bread

Chapati Bread
Chapati bread is a famous Indian flatbread that is generally cooked until it has a freckled look. It goes well with veggies or lentils, and it may also be used to build a sandwich. It’s generally made with whole-wheat flour and fried without oil, but you may add a little butter if you want it to have a bit more taste.

39. Damper Bread

Damper Bread
This bread, which originated in Australia, is made up of of wheat, water, salt, and occasionally milk. It’s typically served with stew or meat, and it was once prepared over an open campfire. It’s delicious and flexible, and you can leaven it with baking soda if you want.

40. Muffins In English

Muffins In English
These are tiny, round, flat breads that can be prepared from white or whole wheat flour. Poached eggs, bacon, or even a Hollandaise sauce can be served with them. English muffins are generally healthier than other varieties of muffins and bread, however the American version differs slightly from the original English muffins, so some study is required.

41. Grissini Bread

Grissini Bread
Grissini are tiny sticks that resemble a pencil and are constructed of crisp, dry bread, comparable to breadsticks. These breads, which are native to Italy, may be flavored whatever you like, so feel free to experiment with different herbs and spices. They’re typically served as a pre-dinner alternative to normal or garlic bread, although they can be prepared in any way.

42. Injera Bread

Injera Bread
This is a sort of sourdough bread with a spongy texture and a somewhat sour flavor. Injera bread is often prepared from a small Ethiopian grain called teff, and it’s also used to shovel up the meats and stews that are generally served on top of it.

43. Knäckebröd Bread

Knäckebröd Bread
This bread is composed primarily of rye flour and looks more like a cracker than ordinary bread. It’s high in fibre and may be paired with cheese or any other dish you choose. The bread is dry and hard, with a rectangular form similar to that of many crackers. It can include a variety of grains as well as herbs and spices. It’s delicious as well as healthy.

44. Lavash Bread

Lavash Bread
Lavash bread is a thin flatbread prepared solely with wheat, salt, and water that is popular in Turkey and Iran. The low-fat bread is usually baked in an oven and is softest when freshly baked. You may also season it with poppy or sesame seeds for added taste.

45. Matzo Bread

Matzo Bread
Unleavened matzo bread is fashioned like big crackers. The bread is made of the five grains listed in the Bible: wheat, barley, rye, oats, and spelt, and is used in many traditional Jewish recipes and on specific Jewish holidays. It can be soft or firm, and it is both delicious and significant in Jewish culture.

46. Obi Non Bread

Obi Non Bread
This sort of bread is a form of flatbread that is generally baked in a clay oven and is popular in Uzbek and Afghan cuisines. Only flour, yeast, salt, water, and milk are used to make it.

47. Paratha

Paratha Bread
Paratha bread is a layered Indian flatbread made from whole wheat flour that is generally fried or baked in oil. You may also bake them for a healthy option, and fill them with veggies, potatoes, onions, eggs, and a variety of other ingredients. In nations like Malaysia and Singapore, they are also highly popular.

48. Qistibi Bread

Qistibi Bread
This sort of bread is primarily found in Russia, and it is made up of a cooked flatbread with a filling within. This filling often consists of mashed potatoes, millet, and even other types of meat, and it can be placed within the bread or on one side, then covered with the other side.

49. Roti

Roti Bread
This is an unleavened flatbread similar to Chapatti bread that is highly popular in the Caribbean and India. They’re often made using whole-wheat flour and water, and they’re frequently brushed with butter before baking to add taste. Roti bread is eaten with spices as a healthful snack in many cultures.

50. Vanocka Bread

Vanocka Bread
This sweet bread is generally covered with raisins or other fruits and topped with sugar and almonds. The bread recipe is a little complicated, but there are a few alternative methods to make it. It’s a celebratory European bread that’s so rich and sweet that you should only keep it for special occasions.

It is generally eaten around Christmas time in some countries, such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and includes several customs, one of which is bouncing up and down while the dough is rising.

51. Yufka Bread

Yufka Bread
This is a Turkish round unleavened bread that is paper-thin and unleavened. It’s comparable to Lavash bread and is typically made with wheat flour, salt, and water, however some people also add a smidgeon of vegetable oil. You may use this sort of bread in pastries with sweet ingredients like almonds or dried fruits, or savoury ingredients like meats, cheeses, and veggies.

52. Zopf Bread

Zopf Bread
This is a unique sort of bread because it resembles a big braid after it’s done baking. It’s typically eaten with butter and jelly for breakfast, and it’s quite rich and buttery. It is mostly produced using white flour, yeast, milk, butter, and eggs in countries like as Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

53. Potato Bread

Potato bread is produced by substituting mashed potatoes, dried potato flakes, or potato flour for a part of the wheat flour in a bread recipe. It can be baked in an oven or griddle, and it can be leavened or unleavened. When it comes to preparing potato bread, several parts of the world have their unique traditions, including Chile, where the bread is created with mashed potatoes.

54. Bialy

Bialy hails from the Polish city of Bialystok. Its name is an abbreviation for “bialystoker kuchen” (Bialystok cake). It’s a big, flat yeast roll with a diameter of around 15cm. Prior to baking, it has a depression in the centre that is filled with chopped onions and poppy seeds.

55. Himbasha

Himbasha is a type of Ethiopian and Eritrean bread used during celebrations. It’s typically prepared with ginger or raisins for special occasions.

56. Bammy

Bammy or bami is a Jamaican flatbread created by frying a cassava root and salt mixture in coconut oil, then dipping it in coconut milk and refrying it.

57. Bannock

Bannock is a flat fast bread that is popular in the United Kingdom and Canada. It’s created with white or whole wheat flour, baking powder, sugar, fat, water or milk, and occasionally fruit.

58. Barmbrack

Barmbrack is an Irish yeast bread. It’s a little sweeter than sandwich bread, but not quite as rich as cake. It’s created using sultanas and raisins as well as other ingredients.

59. Bazlama

Bazlama is a Turkish single-layered, flat, round, leavened bread.

60. Bhatoora

Bhatoora is an Indian fried bread. It’s created with fried dough that’s been flattened and puffed.

61. Bing Bread

Bing Bread
Bing is a type of flatbread from China. It resembles a tortilla, but it is considerably thicker.

62. Zwieback

Zwieback is a sweetened and crisp German bread prepared with eggs and baked twice.

63. Taftan

Taftan is an Iranian bread. Saffron and cardamom powder are added to leavened flour bread. A clay oven is used to bake it.

64. Puri

Puri is a deep-fried Indian flatbread composed of wheat flour and salt and fried in ghee or vegetable oil.

65. Proja

Proja is a bread prepared with maize flour, baking powder, oil, mineral water, and salt that originated in Serbia.

66. Pizza

Pizza is a flat, circular bread cooked in the oven and covered with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and different toppings.

67. Melonpan

Melonpan is a Japanese sweet bread. It’s created out of enriched dough with a thin layer of crunchy cookie dough on top.

68. Laobing

Laobing is a Northern Chinese flatbread. A thick unleavened batter consisting of salt, flour, and water is fried in a pan.

69. Hushpuppies

Hushpuppies are corn dough balls that are deep fried or baked.


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