38 Different Types Of Resort For Your Next Vacation


A resort is a self-contained location that includes everything from rooms and restaurants to excursions just beyond the gates. It differs from a hotel in that it is more than simply a room with additional amenities tailored to the tourist locations. The benefits of a resort are completely dependent on their capacity to provide a bit extra spice. They go to worlds of leisure, adventure, space, discovery, opportunity, and freedom, among other things.

There are more sprinkles on your ice cream, and the sun is shining brighter. That’s not to argue that a hotel stay isn’t a perfectly reasonable vacation; rather, it’s a condensed version of what it might be. A resort is often thought of as a place for extracurricular activities.

It will usually have a theme or an environmental focus, such as sports, leisure, or rehabilitation. They’ll have all of the facilities you’ll need to keep you happy while staying at the resort, and they’ll be a resort-based hotel.

Types of Resort

Where Did The Concept Of Resorts Come From?

Looking back in time, we are in awe of the Roman Empire’s foresight, which invented the phrase “resort” in both language and tastes.

The Romans were inspired by the Ancient Greeks, who built public bath houses around naturally occurring springs, but without the amount of grandeur that came with the bath houses.

One of the most well-known bath houses is in Bath, England; when the Romans arrived, they discovered our island’s sole naturally occurring hot spring and turned it into a centre for public bathing. These baths no longer divided the genders and were available to anybody who possessed the currency, as this was sometime after they had been indulging in the practise across Rome.

What Are The Advantages Of A Resort Vacation?

Resorts today cater to individual interests, rather than merely giving the same recreational amenities as old Roman bath houses. Nonetheless, the idea of providing additional opportunities to escape remains the same. Going on a resort vacation rather than a city getaway with a hotel room has a number of advantages. As previously said, the benefits of resorts include a multitude of activities at your fingertips. While this may raise the daily fee, it will undoubtedly be advantageous, especially if the ‘all-inclusive’ option is selected at the time of booking.

The experience of vacationing at a resort is often regarded as the pinnacle of luxury by those who frequent these places on a regular basis. Many of these resorts provide world-class service, fun-filled activities, high-class entertainment, and a range of exquisite meals and drinks. Different types of resorts exist, and these distinctions are primarily due to the locations of the enterprises.

In most cases, the type of resort will be determined by its location. The type of resort will also be determined by the tourist activities available at the resort. As a result, it’s critical that you grasp the distinctions in order to choose the greatest suit for you. Individual resorts throughout the world are needed to accommodate to each person’s unique life, personality, hobbies, and abilities.

It is just impossible to have one huge resort that caters to every single person on the planet. Take the kids for example: you wouldn’t send them on a journey to discover Mickey Mouse on a secluded beach while evading flying golf balls. As a result, there are particular resorts that isolate themselves and revel in the glory of being the luxury place that best suits you, your wishes, and your requirements in a vacation resort. Find out which one ” or ones ” appeals to you.

Different Types of Resort

Here is the latest list of all types of resort that you should know about.

1. All-Inclusive Resort

All Inclusive Resort

The all-inclusive resort, such as the Paradise Island Harbour Resort in the Bahamas or Cancun’s Beach Palace, is one of the most frequent and popular types of resort. Some of the earliest resorts to offer this type of all-inclusive vacation were Sandals, SuperClubs, and Club Med. All-inclusive resorts usually have a single fee that includes accommodation, food, drink, tips, activities, and entertainment.

You end up paying a single fee to get everything you need for a fun trip in one place. All-inclusive vacation packages that include hotel transfers and flights are also popular among tourists of all ages as a hassle-free option.

2. Station on The Hill Resort

Stations On The Hill Resort
A hill station resort is one that is located on a hill, such as Rivergate Resort in Karjat. The air is cooler at a hill station than it is at sea level, which is the most evident benefit. Karjat, for example, is a wonderful alternative for a resort for those residing in Mumbai since it is quite cool compared to Mumbai. Second, the majority of hill stations are purely residential. As a result, there is no pollution from industry. As a result, the air is crisp and clean.

3. Resort on The Beach

Resorts On The Beach
A resort near a beach is another attractive site. The proximity to the water is the most evident benefit of a beach resort. One may swim in the water, play on the beach, or simply admire the beauty of the sea. Beach activities such as paragliding, scuba diving, and jet skiing are also constant favourites.

4. Resort on The River

Resort On The River
A resort along a river or the backwaters of a dam is another attractive site. Because the resorts are adjacent to a body of water, they may provide water sports such as kayaking, rafting, boating, and other water activities. Even a stroll by the river is energising! Rivergate Resort in Karjat is one of these resorts with a running river. They also organise nature hikes with qualified guides to bring you closer to nature.

5. Island Resort

Island Resort
Island resorts, really far from the madding masses, have their own allure. Those who enjoy being near the water go to island resorts. Of course, resorts with crystal-clear water are a treasure trove in and of themselves. Scuba diving and spelunking are two fantastic recreational activities found at island resorts. There are numerous beautiful islands in and around the sea all over the world, and the majority of them are well-known. Island and sea resorts, like hill station resorts, are seasonal; after all, who wants to go outdoors to enjoy the water while it’s raining?

6. Speciality Resort

Speciality Resort
So far, we’ve covered mountains, oceans, and rivers ” different types of resorts based on their location. Specialty resorts are becoming more popular today. Resorts that cater to niche visitors include lake resorts, spa resorts, casino resorts, ecotourism resorts, and theme based resorts. Ski resorts, single and adult resorts, and pet friendly resorts are some more methods of defining resorts, however they are not yet widespread in India.

7. Economy Resort

Economy Resort
These resorts are the ideal for people on a tight budget. All of the basic amenities are provided at a modest cost at economy resorts. They may, however, provide some amenities that are shared by everyone, such as a communal kitchen and washrooms. They are perfect for individuals who want to get the most bang for their buck.

8. Luxury Resort

Luxury Resort
Luxury resorts offer virtually everything a vacationer might want in one location. Most luxury resorts provide excellent value, given all of the amenities, entertainment options, and activities offered. They will also provide customers with unique discounts or complimentary products or alternatives. These can range from complimentary access to local sites, sports classes, 24-hour concierge service, or airport transfers to free tailored excursions, bottles of wine, spa credits, or babysitting. This adds even more value to a vacation that is already affordable.

9. Super Luxurious Resort

Super Luxurious Resort
Super opulent resorts are the peak of luxury for those who can afford it. You receive the best amenities and services money can buy at these resorts. Super deluxe resorts provide the finest value for money, from pick-up from your house to a leisurely cruise aboard a luxury boat.

10. Adult Only Resort

Adult Only Resort

While small people with huge smiles may brighten a room for many, there are times when it’s necessary to go somewhere without cries, child-friendly places, or getting splashed while sitting by the pool.

The adult-only resort caters to singletons wishing to leave the single life behind, seniors looking to experience adventure with others who share life’s knowledge, or simply parents hoping to getaway for a full week while their grandparents supervise their children.

11. Amusement Theme Park Resort

Amusement Theme Park Resort

Rides, thrills, motels, splashes, restaurants, room experiences, and more may all be found at the amusement park resort. There’s something for everyone, from classic carnival-style amusement parks to more ride-focused max-factor destinations like Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, and other delightfully typical British staycation resorts.

These amusement park resorts were designed with little children and larger kids in mind while catering to many people. Many amusement park resorts throughout the world, on the other hand, provide a variety of resort packages that include the main event as well as exhilarating rides. Waterpark paddles, woodland cottages, cafes and restaurants, stargazing possibilities, in-house movies, and other vacation activities are all available.

12. Beach Laze Resort

Beach Laze Resort

The beach laze resorts are a straightforward idea. Peace, serenity, crashing waves, the classic hammock between two palms, and strawberry daquiris on tap may all be found at these types of resorts. The benefit of beach resorts is entirely due to the private real estate and comforts included in the holiday destination package.

They’ll frequently build the hotel on the beach, complete with restaurants, massage facilities, an on-beach masseuse, loungers, allocated sea area, an indoor pool, bars, beach activities, butlers, and other amenities. As a result, beach laze resorts are frequently perceived as highly luxury, and they tend to mix with other resort categories such as island adventure and adult-only.

13. Casino Den Resort

Casino Den Resort

The casino den is the resort for you if you want to try your luck at blackjack, poker, roulette, or the fruit machines. These casino den types of resorts may either be the vacation on the rise or the holiday to forget, with many high-flying visitors willing to blow the cash.

Due to the fact that gambling is an age-restricted activity, casino den resorts all over the world have an adult-only policy. Despite this, world-famous resorts such as the Bellagio in Las Vegas continue to provide additional places of luxury where guests may relax and escape reality. Restaurants, a gym, a pool, shopping, a barber, a salon, a spa, tours, golf, racing, excursions, a concierge, and dog facilities are just a few examples.

14. Cruise Leisure Resort

Cruise Leisure Resort
A cruise leisure resort is often an all-inclusive cruise that visits a predetermined number of destinations. For example, a Scandinavian vacation or a Mediterranean vacation. However, it’s vital to understand that a cruise ship is more than just a mode of transportation from point A to point B. It’s referred to as “the” resort.

Many cruise ships will include themes and trends from resorts all over the world, such as restaurants with cuisine from every country, pools, waterslides, shopping malls, theatres, operas, bars, ballrooms, sports courts, pantomimes, kid’s clubs, auctions, photography studios, spas, masseuses, stargazing experiences (breathe), and more. There’s a little bit of everything about resorts that screams benefits.

15. Eco Pod Resort

Eco Pod Resort
Many people are concerned about the state of our world and the detrimental impact that commercial resorts and other vacation places have on it. So, eco pod resorts provide gentle earth getaways that allow you to get away from the 9 to 5 while still being environmentally conscious by sleeping in these eco pod resorts.

These resorts are known for their emphasis on healthy eating and resource conservation, such as having restricted water supplies, locally produced goods, and solar-powered electricity. That isn’t to say that there aren’t endless resort options. There’s much to do, including spa treatments, yoga courses, beach clean-ups, walks, and sourcing local products.

16. Forest Exploration Resort

Forest Exploration Resort
Other resorts across the world, like eco pod resorts, want to focus on the beauty of what’s around us and enjoy freedom without leaving a huge impact. Forest Exploration resorts, which are concealed deep inside the forest trees across the world, are the pinnacle of delicious isolation and absolute emersion in nature. Forest resorts must be able to provide everything from entertainment to services such as dining and lodging, all while maintaining the spirit of solitude.

17. Destination Resort

Destination Resort
Aerial picture of cottages on the sea on a tropical island resort. A destination resort is designed around a core attraction that attracts visitors. This might be a castle that has been transformed into a hotel or a stunning natural place such as Yellowstone.

18. Recreation Resort

Recreation Resort
A tropical luxury golf resort in the distance. Recreation resorts are divided into two categories: health resorts and sports resorts. Health-oriented resorts are a contemporary take on the Roman baths at Bath. Yes, the staff will attend to your requirements, and you should unwind and enjoy yourself, but that isn’t the objective. You’ve come to enhance your health, whether it’s through Dead Sea mineral treatments or detoxing with guided yoga and specific diets.

You may also go on a vacation to a resort that focuses on sports. Golfing vacations are a popular choice. These resorts include access to a nearby golf course, lessons from well-known instructors, cart fee packages, and, of course, lodging and meals.


19. Island Adventure Resort

Island Adventure Resort
Finding oneself in the middle of the ocean and in a state of isolation is something that should never be left off a bucket list for a once-in-a-lifetime event. Island resorts appeal to the desire for an iconic and opulent retreat to the middle of nowhere, where every whim is catered to.

The Caribbean Islands are still a favourite destination for many people, and there is luxury in both meanings. From the breathtaking tranquillity of the familiar at the Sandals resort in Grenada to exploring new possibilities at St Lucia’s Jade Mountain, there’s something for everyone.

20. Lakeside Activity Resort

Lakeside Activity Resort
There are lots of lakeside activity resorts throughout the world that specialise on everything water-sports, nature, or yoga related. These types of resorts and holiday spots, some of which are located in England’s Lake District, offer everything from lakeside walks and ancient town excursions to clay pigeon shooting activities and wakeboarding washouts. For example, the Lakeside Hotel in Lake Windemere offers a variety of resort packages that include boating tours, spa services, restaurant extravaganzas, and more.

21. Meditation Retreat Resort

Meditation Retreat Resort
The meditation retreat is exactly that: a getaway for the mind and body with the goal of empowering, boosting confidence, and increasing mental and physical strength. With today’s lifestyles, economy, working days, and other necessities to keep afloat, tension and anxiety levels are higher than ever, resulting in an increase in the popularity of resorts that focus on releasing “bad energy” through yoga, stretching, and pranayama practises.

The best part is that all of the many types of meditation retreat resorts may then branch out into the zone that most appeals to you: eco pods, woodland adventures, beach lounging, lakeside activities, nudist resorts, or island experiences.

22. Nudist Resort

Warning: if you’re lucky, nudity will follow. Because we share the same clay model, nudist resorts have the distinct benefit of not having to account for luggage (or much of it), as well as being liberating, leaving tan lines in the sand and revelling in the glory of empowerment. Typically, resorts with a nude capacity are located in some of the most private, isolated, and intimate settings, such as a forest, island, or beach cove. If you’re going with family, though, we recommend getting to know each other a bit better before revealing what’s beneath!

23. Ranch Experience Resort

Ranch Experience Resort
Going to the ranch for a week and indulging in all that makes you joyful is all this planet has to offer for the horse and animal lover. Boarding, feeding, cleaning, spa facilities, exercise, and more will be included in various resort packages around America (since the ranch experience is based on historical ridings by Western USA cowboys brought over by the Spanish). They may provide a tent for the people, but be aware that you will have to pitch it yourself.

With white sand arenas, family fun park activities, trail rides, farrier instruction, horse care, historical presentations, award-winning lodging, and all-inclusive dining experiences, ranch experiences can be a haven of luxury.

24. Safari Cruiser Resort

Safari Cruiser Resort
Africa is the centre for luxury, thrilling, and guided excursions through national parks. The safari is usually linked with the vast plains of Africa riding past lions, warthogs, meerkats, and other Lion King creatures. Africa is the inner lioness of the globe, stretching from the tip of South Africa to Zimbabwe’s Land of Waterfalls.

It provides luxurious vacation spots and resorts with all-inclusive safari expeditions into the wilderness, five-star accommodations, and breakfast with the animals.

Another thing to bear in mind is that many of these safari cruiser vacations strongly emphasize being environmentally responsible, enhancing the benefits of resorts that provide everything in one location.

25. Ski Run Resort

Ski Run Resort
The powder snow runs of the ski resort are one that should not be overlooked. Grab your sled, skis, or board and start blazing new tracks as you go off the beaten path with only one goal in mind: the après ski. Many ski resorts have shopping in the resort town, thermal baths, massages, delicious fondue-filled delicacies, and more.

Given enough snowfall, any mountain resort in the world can have a ski run, but there are a handful that can never be surpassed. For example, in Switzerland, Grindelwald-Wengen or Zermatt, in Austria, St Anton, and in Italy, Cortina d’Ampezzo. So put on your thermals and get ready to embark on your white blanket adventures.

26. Corporate Resort

Bangalore’s corporate team outing resorts are a hit. With the government’s limitations on hotels and resorts eased, the corporate crowd has begun to congregate in resorts for yearly meetings, seminars, and team excursions. People who were sent home by their companies and finally made their way back to their hometowns are now returning to Bangalore to work from offices, either at their employers’ request or on their own initiative.

Companies have begun arranging a day trip in Bangalore to reconnect with their workers through incentives and recognition programmes to rekindle the lost spark of attention to workplaces amongst all the safety procedures to avoid any stroke of ill luck. Holding events is not necessarily a part of a corporate outing. The team vacation in Bangalore lasts a weekend and includes sports and leisure activities such as rappelling, mountain climbing, zip line, archery, and darts, as well as an open space for children for those with families.

27. Golf Resort

Golf Resort
If you enjoy golfing, consider staying at a golf resort such as Canada’s Osprey Shores Golf Resort or Greece’s Lippia Hotel Golf Resort. These resorts either feature an on-site golf course or are in close proximity to one. Many golf resorts provide golf passes with their lodgings, allowing guests to play a round or two at no additional cost. They might also include guaranteed tee times, pre-paid green fees, and golf cart use.

28. Lake Resort

Lake Resort
Lake resorts, like Little Rocky Lodge and Resort overlooking Lake Whitney in Texas or Thailand’s Green Lake Resort in the Doi Suthep Mountains, are located immediately on or near a lake, as their names suggest. Swimming, cruises, boating, fishing, and water sports are among the many aquatic activities available to guests.

29. Mountain Resort

Mountain Resort
Guests staying at a mountain resort, such as Lake Louise Mountain Resort in Canada, may typically enjoy spectacular views as well as excellent hiking, swimming, and sight-seeing opportunities throughout the summer. Guests may enjoy winter sports such as downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and even sleigh rides thanks to the accessible mountain access of international mountain resorts such as Borovets in Bulgaria.

30. Pet-Friendly Resort

Pet Friendly Resort
In most resorts, such as the Kempinski in Spain or the Belfast Dam Resort in South Africa, cats and dogs are allowed to stay in the rooms with their owners. Certain resorts have restrictions on the size of the animal, but they do allow you to spend your holiday with your four-legged companions. Some pet-friendly resorts will even have an unique dog menu with tasty treats for your canine companion.

31. Spa Resort

Spa Resort
Book your next trip to one of the renowned spa resorts, such as Japan’s Gero Spa, for the ultimate in relaxation and pampering. An on-site health or day spa, such as the Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort in India, allows you to relieve stress and anxiety, cure a range of diseases, cleanse, or revitalise your mind and body. A soothing hot stone massage, pedicure, cellulite-reducing body wrap, or relaxing facial are available to guests.

32. Tropical Resort

Tropical Resort
Many people choose to escape the winter blues by visiting tropical resorts like Antigua’s Grand Pineapple Beach Resort. Resorts like the Pansukian Tropical Resort in the Philippines, which are located in tropical climes, attract sun seekers who love aquatic sports or simply resting on a sandy white beach.

33. Historical Resort

Historical Resorts
Book a holiday in a historical resort like the Historic Powhatan Resort, a 170-acre historical village in Colonial Willamsburg that has been restored to its original English state, if you’re looking for something different. You can unwind while also learning a little about history.

Some resorts, such as the Luttrellstown Castle Resort in Ireland, are housed in historic castles, on the sites of historical battles or events, or in a setting that harkens back to bygone periods. Historical resorts are a fantastic choice if you enjoy history or wish to see how your forefathers or mothers lived.

34. Singles Resort

Singles Resort
Why not try a singles resort if you don’t have a travelling companion or are searching for romance? Although some resorts cater exclusively to singles, most, such as the Breezes Bahamas, offer special packages or single-only weeks. You may spend your holiday meeting intriguing men and women in a secure and comfortable environment. Who knows, you could perhaps meet your life partner!

35. Fishing Resort

Fishing Resort

A trip at one of the world’s fishing resorts, such as Singapore’s Bishan Fishing Resort or Ecuador’s Tandayapa Fishing Resort, would appeal to avid fisherman and environment enthusiasts. You may spend the day attempting to catch a variety of fish while relaxing in the peaceful surroundings, and then dine on your catch for dinner!

36. Couples Resort

Couples Resort
A couples resort, such as Fiji’s Vatulele Island Resort, is ideal for couples looking for a peaceful, romantic getaway. You won’t have to worry about being bothered by screaming youngsters, and you’ll have access to a large range of activities and entertainment alternatives geared toward couples. Couples resorts, such as the Couples Sans Souci Resort & Spa in Jamaica, are also fantastic places to spend your anniversary or honeymoon.

37. Family Resort

Family Resort

Family resorts, such as the Westin Turnberry Resort in Scotland, are on the other end of the spectrum. Babysitting services are frequently included for a small cost, and its facilities and rooms are intended to suit children of various ages. Most family resorts, such as Barbados’ Almond Village Beach Resort, provide a wide choice of supervised activities and programmes for children of all ages. Your complete family will be able to spend valuable time together while participating in activities that are appropriate for their age and interests.

38. Exotic Resort

Exotic Resort
Exotic resorts, often known as beach resorts, feature beaches as its main attraction for visitors and travellers. They have a front-row view of the beach and a private beach inside the businesses for people seeking solitude. It’s the ideal holiday destination for both honeymooners and families.

Over-the-beach resorts with tempting views of the soothing sea and crystal clear blue skies paired with sunsets as brilliant as fire appear to be nothing short of heaven on the seas. Along with the beautiful views, they provide a variety of additional activities in which you may fully immerse yourself. Exotic resorts may be used to arrange a corporate team excursion near Bangalore. Corporates frequently provide stays in such resorts as an incentive for top-performing teams.

Resorts Features Explained


What could be more easy than paying a single charge for practically everything except souvenirs on your trip? Staying at an all-inclusive resort allows you to leave your money at home and just enjoy your vacation. Even if you don’t reserve an all-inclusive, resorts usually provide a wider selection of entertainment and activities. This implies that you won’t have to squander time or money going to clubs, stores, or spas. You may sit back, relax, and take advantage of having everything you require in one handy location.

Greater Selection Of Activities & Programs

The range and number of fascinating programmes and activities offered by the various resorts knows no bounds. Unlike typical hotels, resorts frequently include complimentary entertainment such as children’s activities and face painting, as well as theme parties, discos, and comedy clubs.

If you’re physically healthy and want a more active holiday, you may play tennis, go sailing, participate in fascinating water sports, or play golf. Guests may sunbathe by the pool, relax in a hammock with their favourite book, or indulge themselves with a relaxing massage at the resort spa for the ultimate in relaxation. Many bigger resorts also include activities specifically designed for little children, teens, couples, or elderly.

Superior Amenities

The majority of resorts have first-class amenities that are comparable to those found in many comparable-priced hotels. You may bathe in a marble tub with a view of the ocean, watch a DVD in a spacious living room suite, work out in a fully equipped gym, sip a tropical cocktail at a swim-up bar, or relax on a private beach designated exclusively for resort guests. World-class resorts are the place to go for the best in luxury and relaxation.

Added Value

Given all of the amenities, entertainment options, and activities offered, resorts provide excellent value. On the other hand, many resorts may provide visitors with exclusive discounts or complementary products or alternatives. These can range from complimentary access to local sites, sports classes, 24-hour concierge service, or airport transfers to free tailored excursions, bottles of wine, spa credits, or babysitting. This adds even more value to a vacation that is already affordable.

Designed For Your Lifestyle & Interests

No matter what kind of lifestyle or hobbies you have, you’ll be able to locate the ideal resort. Newlyweds may enjoy a romantic trip at a couples-only resort, families can spend quality time together at a family-friendly resort, and golfers can relax while playing their favourite sport at a golf resort. If you’re seeking for that special someone, you might try your luck at a singles resort or stay at an ecological resort to help the environment.


So, where do you think your experiences will lead you? Which resort has the most appeal to you? And, most importantly, who will accompany you on your journey?


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