Types of Drum

Drums have been around from the beginning of time, with the earliest evidence dating back to 6000 BC. Many civilizations have played an essential part in societal life and are utilized for religious rites and festivals. What are the many varieties of drums? It’s hard to place a monetary valueRead More →

Types of Accordion

The word “accordion” comes from the German word “akkord,” which meaning “musical chord” or “sound concordance.” The accordion belongs to the squeezebox, free-reed, aerophone instrument family. A reed is placed into a frame above an aperture in these instruments. The reed vibrates when air flows through the gap, which generatesRead More →

Types of Jeans

Perfectly-fitted shirts, adaptable coats, and fantastic loungewear are just a few items that your wardrobe can’t live without. But there’s no denying that jeans are at the top of the list! The proper pair of denim can take you somewhere, and we’d be lying if we claimed having just oneRead More →