Types of People

Each individual is a unique mix of four personality types. Various titles and designations have known these four types over the ages. Still, for our purposes, they are referred to as the director, the socializer, the thinker, and the supporter. However, we use the abbreviations A, B, C, and DRead More →

Types of Marriage

Marriage is one of the universal social structures that human civilization has developed and nurtured. It is inextricably linked to the institution of the family. “Marriage is a socially acceptable means of forming a family of reproduction,” according to Gillin & Gillin. According to Westermarck, marriage is anchored in theRead More →

Types of Relationships

Any type of affiliation or connection between people, whether personal, platonic, good, or bad, is referred to as a relationship. When people talk about “being in a relationship,” they usually mean a specific type of romantic relationship that includes both emotional and physical intimacy, some level of ongoing commitment, andRead More →

Types of Prision

Prisons exist to house those who have violated the law and to keep them out of society. Inmates are imprisoned for a specific amount of time and have very limited liberties while they are there. There are numerous distinct sorts of jails, even though they all serve the same basicRead More →

Urban Park

Aren’t we all familiar with the concept of a park? But where did they come from, what were they designed for, who owns them, and various kinds? You might be shocked to discover about your seemingly innocuous neighborhood park’s past. What Exactly is a Park? Let’s start with the definitionRead More →