Types of Magic

Modern Western pagans acknowledge a variety of forms of magic, but they all have a similar idea. In the academic sense, Magic refers to a range of activities ranging from small-scale informal rituals to large-scale events in holy buildings, both inside and outside of sanctioned faiths. The term “magic” comesRead More →

Types of Dragons

Isn’t it true that dragons existed? The proof (for the most part) is there in front of you. There have been legends about dragons since before Gutenberg’s time. And a quick glance through any dinosaur book will reveal a startling resemblance to the sometimes massive lizard-like animals. Were they ableRead More →

Types of Handbags

Handbags are so much more than simply storage for your belongings; the proper one can tie your entire ensemble together and create a bold fashion statement. The majority of people have at least a few different handbags in their collection. And, like shoes, each has its function, dresses up orRead More →