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My name is Varinder Pal Singh, I am a blogger and animal lover. I am also interested in the environment and ecology. I love to write about anything and everything under the sky.

Skirts have been around for centuries, and various types of skirts evolved as the length or fullness of the skirt varies. Skirt styles can be body-hugging or loose-fitting. Skirts can emphasize the waistline or change the hemline. Skirt is just clothes in the shape of a tube hanging from the waist. But this is a very versatile tube that makes it more sophisticated, feminine, flirty, warm, stylish, decent and correct, bold – depending on its mode and way of working. Since skirts are available in different styles and lengths, they have become one of the most popular items in any…

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Sharks are members of the Chondrichthyes class, which have a full cartilaginous skeleton and an efficient body. Rays and skates also belong to the same class, so sharks are very close relatives of rays and skates. Surprisingly, most of them belong to the rays more than other sharks. They, like all other fish, breathe through the gills, and not through the lungs, as mammals do. Sharks have fangs that are not attached to the jaw but embedded in the skin. Their teeth are the most amazing beauty that God has given them. The physical structure of sharks is completely different.…

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