50 Different Types Of Players In PUBG: Solo Player, Duo Player, And The Squad


Every PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) player must have the following qualities: aim, position, tactical prowess, and the intangible killer instinct. Your success rate in the game is determined by how successfully you use in-game talents. It’s natural for athletes to establish a style of play over time. It’s debatable whether or not these approaches will be successful.

Types of Players in PUBG

Every PUBG player offers a unique perspective to the game. What works for me may or may not work for someone else. What I do know is that the wide range of styles in PUBG creates a great dynamic. It adds a layer of unpredictability to the game, allowing you to approach shootouts differently each time.

Different Types of Players in PUBG

Here is the latest list of all types of players in PUBG that you should know about.

1. The Noob

Okay, we admit it, this is typically us, but you know the guy who drops into a hot zone because the trees are lovely, spends half the match only going in the direction the diminishing level boundaries are forcing them, and then panics and blind-fires into the air? The newcomer. The one who is never entirely sure what’s going on and believes that making friends in PUBG is a feasible choice. The Noob, predictably, doesn’t stay long and is about as comfortable with a chicken meal as a vegan in space.

2. The Tactician

Everything is precisely prepared by the Tactician, who knows war and strategy like he or she was the best man or bridesmaid at their own wedding. Everything is in a spreadsheet with clearly labelled tabs: the drop zone, the optimal weapon, and the techniques for taking out adversaries one by one. This player has read a hundred forums and watched numerous videos. They know how to play this game, and they know how to play your game. Sweet cheeks, they know what you’re thinking, and they’re coming for you.

3. The Improviser

There’s also this clown. There is no strategy for the Improviser. They don’t require a strategy. They only require a frying pan and a thorough warm-up. This player will not study maps, films, or displays; instead, they will improvise. It starts with how they’re armed: if it contains bullets, fantastic; if it doesn’t, what’s the point? It doesn’t matter as long as it’s hefty. They don’t care where they land or what’s around them. They’re known as ‘casuals,’ and that’s their strength: you believe no plan implies no competence, and they take advantage of your trust to beat you to a pulp with kitchen utensils.

4. The Loot Hunter

You know how during times of conflict, there’s always someone attempting to make a profit? The Loot Hunter is who you’re looking for. To them, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is just another way to appease their treasure monkey. They’re usually knee-deep in Diablo or Borderlands, but they’ve dropped into PUBG for a while after becoming gripped by a greater bloodlust for the hunting of humans as well as baubles. They may be found ‘chuting into a hotly contested zone or following the red smoke that indicates rare gear. They only care about bling in all of its forms, and they’ll go to any length to obtain it.

5. The Wannabe Ninja

This isn’t a horrible method to play the game in general. Sneaking up on your opponents and silently braining them with a frying pan has obvious appeal, but it also looks cool. The Wannabe Ninja will take advantage of the shadows, hug the bushes, and glide silently across the floor in cloud slippers to annihilate the unsuspecting. They are the shadows and the darkness. They’re also the greatest nightmare of a Noob.

6. The Kill-Stealer


The Kill-stealer has his own special place in hell. They don’t engage anyone directly unless forced to, instead scouring the map for players who are already firing potshots or exchanging melee blows. They watch for muzzle flash as two brave fighters go toe-to-toe for glory, then calmly pick them both off, weakest first, to take the prize. Granted, the Kill-stealer is a horrible person, but you can’t argue with success. Even if it makes them slightly less popular than itchy corn, if it works, it works.

7. The Lost One

I was literally stranded. This trooper is completely oblivious to their location. They get lucky every now and then and shoot someone, but most of the time they’re one step ahead of the line, wondering where all the action is. They are shot as soon as the map shrinks to the point where they are no longer lost. You’ll probably feel sorry for them at first, and you might even mistake them for the Noob due to their similar appearance and demeanour. When you look closer, you’ll notice that they’re not wandering aimlessly because they’re new, but because they have the same sense of direction as a drunken octopus on a carousel. Simply shoot them. It’s a gesture of goodwill.

8. The Showboater

You’re familiar with this type, aren’t you? The crowd-pleaser, the show-off. The person who usually makes it to the final ten but never wins because they’re too preoccupied with tea-bagging the dead, turning in small circles before killing someone, or attempting to set up fancy takedowns. They’re probably streaming, giggling like idiots to their ‘fans,’ while you try to take the game seriously and still end up introducing yourself to them via face to crotch. They’d never survive a war zone in real life because they’d be the ones crouching behind an unsuspecting enemy until someone else shot them.

9. The Pro

PUBG Pro Player

Back off, because we have a badass on our hands. This is a well-oiled machine. He or she is most likely a CSGO veteran, or they’ve simply spent years splattering blood in the Battle Royale mud. They are familiar with every map, every tucked-away nook, and every possible hiding spot. Every shot is a razor-sharp headshot, and every shoot-out is razor-sharp. They don’t require a team or even a weapon; all they require is a few seconds alone with your squishy head. If you see the Pro approaching, turn around and flee, regroup, form a fireteam ” whatever you do, do it quickly, because every second you waste is a second they don’t have.

10. The Coward

This is an unusual type of gamer. To be perfectly honest, they’re a strange breed of person. The type who jumps into a game like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and hides for entire matches. They convince themselves that they are being cautious, but they are afraid. Like kittens in a fireworks factory, they were terrified. They’re also slaves to their nature, resorting to spineless tactics like camping, and they’re drawn to other cowards, who come together inexplicably, bound by their fear to pick on the lone wolf like a pack of jackals. If you catch one, don’t be kind to them. Winning is reserved for the deserving.

11. The Newbie (A.K.A. Mother May I?)

If you are unlucky”or stupid”enough to be killed by the Newb, you should reboot your computer (or console) and reconsider your life. Unless by chance, no reasonably skilled gamer should be defeated by someone who hasn’t even played PUBG for more than an hour.

12. The Acrobat (A.K.A. Jumping Jack Flash)

The acrobat resembles a kangaroo that has been set free. He’s rambunctious and unpredictable. When he’s in a firefight, you’ll see him flailing and jumping all over the place, trying to dodge bullets with a flurry of herky-jerky moves.

13. The Master Tactician (A.K.A. Smooth Operator)

The Master Tactician maintains a cool and collected demeanour at all times.

Before rushing into the battle, they analyse the situation. The Smooth Operator is the polar opposite of the Acrobat’s impulsiveness. Other players will often leave the majority of the killing to him because his method is so devious.

14. The Phantom (A.K.A. “Where Did This Guy Come From?”)

This player resembles a ninja in appearance. Nobody knows where he came from or where he’ll appear next. He has a natural ability to blend into his surroundings. He’ll often appear out of nowhere and fire a barrage of shots at you.

15. Professionalism

On PUBG, this player is born with the reflexes, spatial awareness, and technical abilities necessary to murder everyone and their mother. As you read this, you’re very likely right in the middle of their sights. Consider the combination of Stallone and Schwarzenegger, as well as Chuck Norris and Bruce Willis. It’s true.

16. The Hoarder

The Hoarder will scrape, scamper, and dig about for spare coins and PUBG items. This PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gamer is going to scrape his way through the game. He has no shame and will kill or steal to make a livelihood.

17. The Wimp (A.K.A. The Happy Camper)

Before summoning the confidence to emerge from his shell, this little rascal will wait in a corner and beg to the PUBG Gods that everyone else kills each other. It’s anyone’s guess whether he’ll be shot in the head as soon as he walks out the door or whether he’ll manage to beat someone silly with a frying pan.

18. The Aggressive

This gamer considers killing to be the most important thing in the world. They will deliberately seek out adversaries by landing in densely populated areas and opening fire on anybody they come across. Even though they get “Too Soon” on occasion, they are content as long as they can murder a large number of people.

19. The Camper

The camper, in contrast to the aggressive player, prefers to avoid pointless fights. They try to avoid fighting until it is absolutely necessary. They like to arrive in isolated locations and plunder during the first several minutes. They’ll be ready to battle in the end zone and earn WWCD after they’ve been fully armed.

20. The Acute Newbie

This sort of player is new to PUBG Mobile or to Battle Royale games in general. They still don’t grasp basic concepts like the zone system and looting in PUBG Mobile.

They don’t have a plan, they drop wherever they want and plunder anything they can. They were also unsure where to rotate, instead simply walking around in circles or hiding in the home during the game for fear of being murdered.

21. The Burden

If you have this sort of person in your team, it will seem as if you are playing with three pals. When the rest of the squad is working so hard to earn WWCD, this player does nothing to help the team or, to put it another way, becomes a liability.

Despite the fact that it gets a Chicken, this player has no effect on damage or K/D ratio. As a consequence, this player succeeds solely due to the efforts of the other.

22. The Whale

You can tell this player is well-off just by looking at him. Because of their highly costly dress and gun skin sets, this player’s character generally seems so stunning from head to toe.

Whale gamers prioritise their characters’ looks over all else. They are prepared to spend a significant amount of money or a fortune in order to top up their UCs and purchase the latest fashion products. Other players are often envious of this guy.

23. The Commander

PUBG Players

The commander, often known as the shotcaller, is a leader in PUBG Mobile. This sort of player is generally well-versed in evaluating the situation on the field and devising effective plans.

This sort of player isn’t self-centered and values collaboration. To avoid a deadlock, the commander will make the best final choice possible and allocate responsibilities to each of his team members based on their areas of competence.

24. The Loner

Despite being part of a team, this player likes to play alone and enjoys being apart from his colleagues. This player does not begin the game in the same place as the others.

This particular gamer dislikes being told what to do. This one has a plan and refuses to obey the team commander’s instructions. The Loner believes he has the ability to win the game.

25. The Toxic Environment

Toxic gamers are the most despised characters in any game, not only PUBG Mobile or other Battle Royale games. This person is prone to whining, is irritable, and is quick to point the finger at others. They like using derogatory language to exacerbate the issue. If you come across someone like this, just ignore them for the sake of your own sanity.

26. Rushers

In PUBG, this is the initial player type. It is the player who takes advantage of every opportunity. They’ll loot a gun and some armor for two minutes before charging into the fray.

These are usually the types of athletes who end up in school or prison. They’ll be dead nine times out of ten before the first circle arrives.

Rushers are also the kind of players who, as soon as a plane flies onto the map, will drop everything and sprint towards the direction of an airdrop.

Alternatively, they’ll sprint beside you and then flee in the other direction as soon as they hear gunshots, attempting to track down the players who are firing. They’re like sniffer dogs on the hunt for prey.

The worst part about rushers is that they are typically capable athletes. If only they’d remain with the team and collaborate tactically once in a while.

Another issue with rushers is that when two players on the same squad want to rush, they just bounce off of one other, making matters worse.

When you believe you’ve finally gotten your kill-crazed friend to settle down, another kill-crazed player enters the group, and they both urge each other to rush out and get murdered.

It’s almost as though it’s in their DNA. There’s nothing you can do to persuade the rushers to slow down and quit rushing in all the time.


Running after your colleagues as they rush into a battle in an attempt to keep them alive is one of the most aggravating things.

Usually, it doesn’t work, and you’ll die attempting to help them out in a conflict you didn’t want to be a part of in the first place.

27. The Intruder

We are all familiar with the hacker. They are, regrettably, no strangers in a game like PUBG Mobile. These are the gamers who use illicit software and third-party apps to get a competitive edge in terms of eyesight, combat skill, or parachuting speed over other players.

The hacker is unquestionably the most despised of all the characters listed here. For one thing, your odds of winning when playing hackers are almost always nil. For example, hackers can observe you from miles away using a third-party hack or software, and then hunt you down from anyplace to eliminate you.

When you think you’ve encountered a hacker, the only thing you can do is quit the game and start a new one. Aside from making the game imbalanced, the hackers make you feel awful while you’re meant to be having fun, and you wish you were playing anything else.

And, given the widespread availability of hacking third-party software, we may see more hackers fighting each other as the number of honest participants declines. No one wants to play PUBG Mobile for the sake of having fun if a complete gang of hackers knows where they are and you end up on the floor.

If you come across a hacker, don’t be afraid to report them. The PUBG Mobile developers have been working hard to rid the game of cheaters, but there’s still a long way to go until it’s completely hacker-free.

28. The Bug Exploiter

Buggers or bug exploiters are another sort of gamer who exploits the game. These gamers, unlike hackers, are not exploiting the game with illicit software. Instead, they take use of the game’s numerous flaws. The developers have yet to patch or address these flaws in the game’s gameplay or mechanics.

If you find these bugs, you may be able to enter a secret area or descend fully underground. Hackers can cause you almost as much trouble as players who get access to these hidden facilities. For example, they can shoot you down from their safe location without you knowing where the opponent is hiding.

Imagine hearing footsteps and then being knocked to the ground by gunshots. If you come across one of these issues, please report it to the developers so they can fix it. Don’t do anything to other people that you wouldn’t want done to you.

29. The Afkers (Away From Keyboard) Or Quitters

Players that are AFK or quit do not directly influence your gameplay, but they make the PUBG Mobile experience irritating. Players that go AFK don’t always leave the game in the middle of a match. When your internet connection is playing up or goes down altogether, you may find yourself AFK.

When situations like these happen outside of your organisation, it’s inconvenient to deal with them. No one wants to start a game just to have teammates drop out due to a bad connection or because they have something better to do. As a result, without assistance, you wind yourself battling at a level far beyond your capabilities.

To avoid becoming AFK, make sure you have enough free time to play PUBG Mobile and that your connection isn’t dropping out frequently.

30. The Loudmouth

The voice function in PUBG Mobile is a fantastic addition. It’s simple to use, and you can quickly interact with your teammates, alert them to where the opponents are, or summon your teammates to assist you.

However, having voices in the game has a huge disadvantage. There will be people who make a point of shouting and talking excessively loudly, or who start chatting about things irrelevant to the game, or who just produce a lot of background noises when you’re trying to concentrate.

When you’re battling in Pochinki, for example, this will be incredibly aggravating. There are adversaries all around you, and you’re attempting to figure out their positions by listening to their footsteps. Instead of stillness and calm, you are continuously bombarded with yelling and, most likely, TV or music noises.

These not only distract you, but they also make you more stressed out by making you hear things you don’t want to hear. Because of the drawbacks of utilising voices, you’d have to mute people instead to have some calm.

31. The Selfish One

This last group of players does not breach the rules or act in an unsportsmanlike manner. They don’t utilize hacks or scripts, and they don’t take advantage of flaws. They don’t break etiquette by being AFK or being overly noisy. Players that play selfishly and adversely like this, on the other hand, wreak havoc on your team.

Even when they’re playing with teammates, their only aim is to focus on themselves and ignore the others. They’d open fire and toss grenades irresponsibly with teammates around, then try to revive you afterwards. When a colleague discovers a high-quality weapon, such as the AWM, they will go to great lengths to obtain it first.

Even if the team is informed of these individuals’ inappropriate behaviour, they will just wait until they can find another squad to exploit next time. Unfortunately, just as their conduct irritates us in real life, there’s no stopping these kind of individuals from spoiling things for the rest of us.

32. The Olympic Table Jumper

This player enjoys nothing more than wow others with their table-jumping acrobatics, having spent hundreds of hours refining their art. This player is concentrated on being the finest table jumper the world has ever seen, while others brawl, shoot, and argue. It remains to be seen whether or if this extremely narrow talent provides any type of in-game benefit. Regardless, you have to appreciate the perseverance.

33. The Fashionista

This is the type of player for whom treasure boxes are designed. They go down the street in their unique battle royale yellow trench coat, pitying your filthy grey vest and generic sneakers. Did they work hard for their garments? Obviously not. What matters most is that they be more attractive than the rest of the lobby.

34. The Pro

This player waits calmly at the lobby’s edge, silently, awaiting the game to begin. They’ve done it a hundred times before, killing countless lives in the process, and they’re calmly planning how and when they’ll murder you, oblivious to the chaos going on around them. These athletes, who are frequently spotted wearing a trench coat and sunglasses, should be avoided at all costs.

35. The Weapons Tester

Despite the fact that they almost always use the same three firearms, this player isn’t going to stop until they’ve mastered the crossbow and the heavy machine, as well as every other weapon available. They’ll headshot you from afar, up close, and before game time, load your body with as many arrows as humanly can. They can practically taste the chicken supper as they practise their grenade throws and mentally remember the precise amount of rounds in a normal P1911 handgun magazine.

36. The Stalker

This strangeo has developed an unhealthy interest in you and intends to make the most of the time you’ve been stranded together. They’ll trail you as you sprint around the area, standing silently behind you while you pass the time, hoping against hope that you don’t run across this maniac in-game. When you hear the sound of a Steam buddy invite appearing on your screen, you leap.

37. The Marine Biologist

This person isn’t interested in battling since they don’t have the time. As they spawn into the lobby and careen by you, straight for the great blue, the ever-present lure of the ocean draws them in. Humans are supposed to have sprung from the water a long time ago, which might explain this player’s insatiable need to play every game. They plunge off the cliff’s edge and land in the water. They say into their mic, ‘I’m finally home,’ as they float gently in the water, relishing every second before being dragged out of the sea and into the sky above.

38. The Pyromaniac

Remember that kid on the bus who used to melt the seats – yes, them – the one who constantly stank of molten plastic and paraffin? They’ve arrived as well. They hurry up to one table in particular, aiming to be the first to the Molotov cocktail that has been placed on top. They turn around, bottle in hand, and set fire to as much of the map as they can. Silver linings and all that, at least it’s the PUBG lobby and not their real-life neighbours.

39. The Broadcaster

Voice chat in video games has been around for a long, so you’d think something like this wouldn’t happen anymore. But, however, someone has left their headset on unintentionally yet again. You can make out a Mother inquiring what the player wants for supper over the distorted mumble rap screaming into your ears. Dogs bark, babies scream, and the player repeatedly clears their throat. As you silence them, you think to yourself, ‘You’ll be the first to die by my hand.’

40. The Flasher

Strange things happen in real life, therefore it’s not surprising to see it in a gaming lobby. Some people want to lock people in rooms, while others prefer to hit you in the face as many times as possible before the game starts. On the other hand, this individual enjoys nothing more than entering a lobby in the bare minimum and parading back and forth in front of your eyes. Maybe it’s all tactical, but I seem to recall reading about Scottish soldiers going into battle nude to scare their foes. Maybe there are a lot of perverts in the area.

41. Pio

Cha “Pio” Seung-hoon is Gen.IGL G’s and one of, if not the greatest, PUBG players in the world right now. He is a talented rifler and lurker who is the driving force behind Gen.success. G’s His unrivalled map knowledge and placement set him apart from the competition. Every nook and crevice on the map may be a possible proneing place for Pio.

Pio was important in Gen.late G’s rally at PGI.S 2021 and winning the PUBG Global Championship 2019. He also represented South Korea at the 2019 Nations Cup.

42. Tgltn

James “TGLTN” Giezen is an amazing PUBG expert and definitely one of the best rifling and fragging players in the game. In every encounter and battle with opponents, he is completely dominant, and his in-game confidence is what makes him a force to be reckoned with. He has been a PUBG ambassador and a Twitch/Youtube celebrity that PUBG fans flock to on a regular basis, in addition to being the ultimate driving force behind Soniq’s success at PGI.S 2021.

43. Forever

In competitive PUBG, Wu “Forever” Zheng ranks third on our list as one of the younger players to keep an eye on. Like the other two people on our list, he is the driving force behind 4AM’s recent success (Four Angry Men). He was the most dominant player in the whole competition during the most recent PUBG Champions League 2021 in China, winning both the MVP and Most Kills awards back to back.

44. Ubah

Ivan “ubah” Kapustin is up there among the finest PUBG players to ever wield a mouse and keyboard, from Dota 2 to Europe’s best PUBG player. He was a key part of Russia’s victory in the 2019 PUBG Nations Cup, and his previous squad, FaZe Clan, was dubbed “Ubah and the Boys” because of his dominance. He was benched with FaZe Clan after PGI.s and eventually joined in with Digital Athletics for the PCS 4. He’ll be joining Sambty and Vard in a fresh environment to reclaim his PUBG glory.

45. Godv

Wei “GODV” Zhen, a former LoL midlaner turned PUBG genius, is a real PUBG veteran. He is the owner and captain of 4AM, and is known as the “Steph Curry of PUBG.” He is a real throwables god, providing his team with the steadiness and know-how to dominate big and tiny areas of the game. He is China’s most well-known PUBG player, having represented his country in the Nations Cup and competing in both the PGC and PGI.s 2021.

46. Kickstart

Kickstart has jumped to 6th place after solo-carrying Zenith to 2nd place at PGI.s earlier this year. When it comes to spray transfers and close quarters combat, this man is insane. As the player that carries the greatest weight for his teammates, he has been crucial for Wildcard Gaming, Zenith, and most recently Oath.

47. Inonix

“Inonix” na na na na n When it comes to PUBG, Hee-joo is the polar opposite of Gen.G. He and Pio become the devastating pair that dominates the Korean PUBG scene after joining the squad in 2020. Inonix’s ability to nail down a position and retain it regardless of pressure applied from all angles is what makes him so great. His unrivalled ability to outlast opponents wins him a position on the top PUBG players in 2021 list.

48. Batulins

Sasha “BatulinS” Sasha “BatulinS” Sasha “Batulin Batulin is Virtus’s leader, fragger, and strategist. This season, I’m going pro. Northern Lights debuted in 2020, with Batulin at the lead, posing a threat to the existing quo in European PUBG. The squad has grown in strength in recent months and is now likely one of Europe’s top competitors for PCS4 and maybe PGS later this year. Sasha and his impeccable in-game callouts and game sense handle the most of the heavy lifting. If you notice VP suddenly taking over the scene, it’s because they have one of the greatest pubg players on their squad.

49. Purdykurty

After TSM acquired the previous STK (Shoot To Kill) squad, Kurtis “Purdy” Bond (PurdyKurty) became the IGL and captain. Purdy has earned a place on our list by being the most selfless player in the PUBG esports scene. With his crazy plays, he is able to put his squad in such good circumstances that he is a benefit to the team in every manner. STK has long been known for making spectacular plays and posing inventive challenges to its opponents. Kurtis’ capacity to envisage situations in which his team triumphs despite being disadvantaged and facing the blue wall accounts for a large part of this.

50. Snakers

Finally, with his amazing rifling talents, Jake “Snakers” Winant makes his way onto our list. His incredible ability to frag out for his squad places him among the greatest PUBG players in 2021. Assume he’s now on the same roster as #6 Kickstart, and Oath becomes a serious danger to Soniqs in North America. Next to Forever, he is one of the most recent additions to the scene, and he will undoubtedly be a powerhouse in PUBG for years to come. Keep an eye on him since he might easily climb this list in the future.


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