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Prune the bush to three feet tall, cutting above outward-facing buds. … If there are any leaves, pull them off. … Tie the canes together using synthetic twine that will not decay over winter. … Spray the canes with dormant oil spray, which protects them from diseases in the soil.Read More →

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The tilt of the Earth – not our distance from the sun – is what causes winter and summer. … After the winter solstice, the days get longer, and the nights shorter. It’s a seasonal shift that nearly everyone notices. Earth has seasons because our world is tilted on itsRead More →

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The Fuel Allowance is €28 per week for 28 weeks. It was announced in Budget 2022 that the weekly rate of Fuel Allowance will increase by €5 from 12 October 2021. You can also be paid in 2 lump sums of €392. The first lump sum of €392 will beRead More →

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The winter months of December, January, and February can be very cold, with lowland cities averaging 26°F to 30°F in January. … Tajikistan receives moderate annual rainfall, with winter and spring being the rainiest times of year. Is Tajikistan hot or cold? In Dushanbe, the summers are hot, arid, andRead More →

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The spring season in India is a season of two-month duration which are March and April. Is February a winter month? Winter is often defined by meteorologists to be the three calendar months with the lowest average temperatures. This corresponds to the months of December, January and February in theRead More →

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Honeysuckles that flower early in the season on short side shoots on the previous year’s growth, such as Lonicera periclymenum (common honeysuckle), should be pruned back by about one-third in late summer, immediately after flowering. Renovate climbers by hard pruning to 60cm (2ft) from the ground in early spring. HowRead More →