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factotum • fak-TOH-tuhm • noun. 1 : a person having many diverse activities or responsibilities 2 : a general servant. What is the originally definition? 1 archaic : by origin or derivation : inherently. 2 : in the beginning : in the first place : initially. 3 : in aRead More →

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Megatherium is an incredibly useful creature to tame, so long as you don’t intend to fight other tribes. It’s enormity, high resistance to torpor, and voracious attitude toward insects (and arachnids) makes it ideal for farming large quantities of chitin from the bugs of the Island, or simply defending againstRead More →

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patient, stoic. (or stoical), tolerant. What is it called when you never complain? stoic. noun. someone who accepts things without complaining. What do you call a person that is waiting? waiters. See word origin. Frequency: A person who waits or awaits. noun. What do you call a woman about toRead More →

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Manoeuvre meaning Manouevre is defined as the British spelling of maneuver, meaning a skillful move. … Manouevre is the British spelling of maneuver, meaning to move in a skillful way. … Maneuver. … UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand spelling of maneuver. How do you use the word maneuver?Read More →

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sonore. resonant; with rich tone. How do you use attacca in a sentence? attacca in a sentence All of the movements are meant to be played attacca. The overture leads attacca to the first choral movement. The two final movements are joined by an attacca. Resident ensembles include Quintet AttaccaRead More →

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1 : showing lack of experience or knowledge He asked a lot of naive questions. 2 : being simple and sincere. Other Words from naive. naively adverb. naive. What is an example of naive? The definition of naive is being immature, unaware or overly trusting. An example of naive isRead More →

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A manual mixer shower will mix hot and cold water to a set temperature but, unlike a thermostatic shower, it cannot react to sudden changes in temperature. A thermostatic shower instantly reacts to a change in water temperature and adjusts the water accordingly to get it back to the pre-setRead More →

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Agamogenesis is any form of reproduction that does not involve a male gamete. Examples are parthenogenesis and apomixis. What is agamogenesis in asexual reproduction? agamogenesis: Any form of reproduction that does not involve a male gamete. asexual reproduction: Reproduction involving only one parent; occurs without a fusion of gametes; producesRead More →