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So a gluten-intolerant person really needs to be careful with the wheat composition.”Shilpa says, “Oats are a very healthy option for dinner, they are rich in fibre and water keeping you full, which helps avoid hunger pangs at night. Which oats is good for weight loss? Oatmeal can help withRead More →

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Perfect for a quick meal or an evening snack. No artificial flavours and colours. What does YiPPee Magic Masala contain? Noodle Powder (Wheat Flour, Edible Vegetable Oil, Iodized Salt, Wheat Gluten, Mineral (INS 170(I)). Boil 250 ml water (approx 2 cups) & add the block without breaking to get longRead More →

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The only major difference that can be seen is that tikka masala contains more masala or spices in it. Tikka and tikka masala are of Indian origin. … The preparation of tikka masala is almost the same but with the addition of masala or mixed spices. As tikka masala comesRead More →