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With all the drama surrounding the future of TikTok, many prominent creators on the app are jumping ship to competitors. Charli D’Amelio recently moved to Triller, and is quickly gaining followers. Is Triller owned by China? Triller, a US-based photo and video sharing application is one of India’s top-ranked appsRead More →

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Wear clothing that is comfortable. … Wear your make-up. … Skip any strong at-home facial treatments the week before your appointment and any exfoliation treatments a few days prior. … Stay out of the sun and away from tanning for five days before your facial. … Know the names ofRead More →

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many a one in British English many people. What is many a man? “Many men” refers to all men that have died at sea as a single group, thus the plural usage. “Many a man” refers to a group of individual events (a single man dying at sea). What doesRead More →

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Feed Your Brain People who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills. What caused the region to have many languages? Perhaps how many people can live in a given location also shapes language diversity. Some environmentalRead More →