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Capture employee stories. What does it mean to codify knowledge? Knowledge codification is the conversion of tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge, so that the knowledge can be used in the organisation by the staff. What is codified knowledge example? Thus, some knowledge is too rich, ambiguous, complex, and personal toRead More →

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There are four serious problems with tacit knowledge. (1) We can’t share it, (2) it’s limited, (3) it can be unreliable, and (4) it can slow development. How tacit knowledge is shared in an Organisation? One of the easiest ways tacit knowledge is shared is through social interaction—especially by observingRead More →

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1. Scientific knowledge is fully objective, verified by independent scientific research. The course of the conducted research, applied research methods and their nature and research issues should be determined objectively by scientists, ie independently of other entities and institutions. What are the 4 types of scientific knowledge? Terms in thisRead More →

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Factual Knowledge. These are the terminologies, glossaries, details and necessary building details of any professional domain. … Conceptual Knowledge. … Procedural Knowledge. … Metacognitive Knowledge. What are the five types of knowledge? Read this article further and learn about the different types of knowledge existing out there. 1) Posteriori knowledgeRead More →

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1. Indigenous peoples have the right to the conservation and protection of the environment and the productive capacity of their lands or territories and resources. States shall establish and implement assistance programmes for indigenous peoples for such conservation and protection, without discrimination. How do indigenous people contribute to the sustainability?Read More →