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The ponderosa lemon originated in roughly 1887, and is believed to come from a chance seedling grown in Hagerstown, Maryland. It was later named and introduced to the nursery trade in 1900. How do you cut a Ponderosa lemon? Prune your indoor “Ponderosa” lemon tree in early spring before newRead More →

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Most popular & best-selling perfume: Viva La Juicy. Best smelling perfume: Viva La Juicy Rose. Best perfume for women: I Am Juicy Couture. Best perfume for men: Juicy Couture Dirty English. Newest perfume: Viva La Juicy Pink Couture. What does Viva La Juicy smells like? About: Flirtatious and charming, thisRead More →

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A Juicy Word is a word that has some real substance to it. Juicy Words are special, more so than your everyday, dried-out variety of words. … They can source their Juicy Words from text or from speech. What kind of word is juicy? adjective, juic·i·er, juic·i·est. full of juice;Read More →