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Rhyme, rhythm, repetition, alliteration, humor, exaggeration. Humorous stories that rhyme. Told to young children. What is a conventional genre? A genre is a conventional response to a rhetorical situation that occurs fairly often. Conventional does not necessarily mean boring. Instead, it means a recognizable pattern for providing specific kinds ofRead More →

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When used as the title of a course or a college major, clearly Music, Art, Theater, Dance and “The Arts” are capitalized. Should political movements be capitalized? Adjectives and nouns referring to the ideas, actions, documents and members of specific political parties, movements and groups are capitalized. Capitalization often helpsRead More →

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Just to answer your question: the blues, blues, classical, jazz, hip-hop, trance, psychedelic, trip-hop, atonal, impressionism, neo-classical—none of these are capitalized. Should Zydeco be capitalized? Cajun is always capitalized and the word zydeco isn’t. Do you capitalize Latin music? The vast majority of music genres are not proper nouns, andRead More →

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The most important speaking genre for Aristotle and his peers was the deliberative—that which concerns persuasive argument, or deliberating about what folks should or should not do. How many types of speech exist in scholars? To wrap it up, there are essentially three types of speeches public speakers use toRead More →

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When the classification of writing changes, so does the list of possible different types of writing genres. Take professional writing, for example.…A Short Guide to the Genres of Writing Comedy. Drama. Horror. Realism. Romance. Satire. Tragedy. Thriller. What are the 8 types of genre? Terms in this set (8) Poetry.Read More →