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Throwing of head. Acting up under saddle. Unusual head movements. Tilting of head while eating or riding. Bit discomfort. Unable to stay in frame when riding. Dropping or losing grain. Undigested food in manure. What happens if you dont float a horses teeth? It is important, however, not to over-floatRead More →

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An investigation revealed that they died from asphyxiation after a breathing ventilation valve ruptured. With pressure changes all around them, they were also exposed to the vacuum of space and died seconds after the rupture which happened at an altitude of 104 miles (168 km). Can you breathe in outerRead More →

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No Soviet or Russian cosmonauts have died during spaceflight since 1971. The crew of Soyuz 11 were killed after undocking from space station Salyut 1 after a three-week stay. … The recovery team found the crew dead. These three are (as of 2021) the only human fatalities in space (aboveRead More →