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Paideia Seminar is a collaborative, intellectual dialogue facilitated by open-ended questions about a text or topic to expand and increase understanding of ideas, concepts, and values. … This instructional method nurtures social skills by teaching students the art of speaking and listening within respectful dialogue. Who founded Paideia? A groupRead More →

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Alexander’s father, Philip II of Macedon, hired Aristotle, one of history’s greatest philosophers,, to educate the 13-year-old prince. Little is known about Alexander’s three-year tutelage but presumably by the end of it Aristotle’s wise but worldly approach had sunk in. Who taught Alexander the Great to read and write? HeRead More →

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Zahawi was originally educated at Holland Park School, before moving to Ibstock Place School and then at King’s College School, an independent school in Wimbledon, London, followed by University College London, where he studied Chemical Engineering, receiving a BSc. Is Nick Gibb an MP? Nicolas John Gibb (born 3 SeptemberRead More →

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Anderson holds that we can make sense of the plurality of values that we saw in the three perspectives at the start of the essay here: the animal welfare perspective corresponds to sympathy (imagine seeing an animal in pain); the animal rights perspective to respectful recognition (such as recognizing theRead More →