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Repeat step 4 until ADD WATER is illuminated. Can I use vinegar to descale Keurig? Run a mix of equal parts water and white vinegar through the machine. Pour the solution into the reservoir, turn on the machine, press the cycle button, and allow the solution to drain into aRead More →

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Turn off valves. Remove the hose from second hot and cold water ports. Attach system descaler hose to the hot valve. Put the other end of the hose in the bucket. Attach system descaler pump hose to the cold valve. Turn on the cold water. How do I remove limescaleRead More →

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Whole fish grilled with its scales on will not stick. The skin and scales can be easily removed after the fish has been cooked. (This method poses a problem only if you enjoy eating the skin.) … Rather, it will taste as if it has been cooked en papillote. CanRead More →