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It allows you to make online purchases even if you don’t have a debit or credit card. This card is accepted anywhere that Visa is accepted, so it allows you to give someone a gift card without having to choose just one retailer. What is the difference between a VisaRead More →

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The submandibular triangle, also known as the digastric triangle, is bounded anteriorly by the anterior belly of the digastric muscle, posteriorly by the posterior belly of the digastric muscle, superiorly by the mandible, and inferiorly by the mylohyoid and hypoglossus muscles. What is the anterior triangle? Laterally, the anterior triangleRead More →

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It’s generally accepted that the maximum depth (depth of implosion or collapse) is about 1.5 or 2 times deeper. The latest open literature says that a US Los Angeles-class test depth is 450m (1,500 ft), suggesting a maximum depth of 675–900m (2,250–3,000 ft). Do submarines implode or explode? The metalRead More →

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In Greek mythology, the Kindly Ones—the Εὐμενίδες—is a euphemism for the Furies, the goddesses who “take vengeance on anyone who would swear a false oath” (Hom. Il. 19.260), or those who commit gross impiety like a child who murders their parent, or a host who injures their guest. Who AreRead More →

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The pioneer in bringing email services to handheld mobiles, with its trademark QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry became an instant darling of world leaders, corporate honchos, and the rich and famous alike. Indeed, owning a BlackBerry device was once a status symbol, and BlackBerry addiction was a prevalent condition. Was the BlackBerryRead More →

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Death by burning at the stake has been a popular method of execution in the history of mankind, so the case of Spanish theologian Miguel Servet (29 September 1511 – 27 October 1553) would not be unusual beyond the prominence of the historical figure—the discoverer of pulmonary blood circulation. WhenRead More →