10 Incredibly Horrifying Mysteries From India

2. The Kongka La Pass UFO Base

The Kongka La Pass UFO Base

The Kongka La Pass in Ladakh is one of the world’s most inaccessible locations. It is not only located in the Himalayas, but it is also a disputed border territory between India and China that has previously been the source of military conflict between the two nations. As a result, the region is essentially a no-land. man’s It is watched by both countries, but neither patrols it nor occupies it. Perhaps this is why UFOs have selected the region as their subterranean base, according to some.

According to reports, the Kongka La Pass has a series of huge, concealed underground structures that UFOs, especially flying saucers, utilize as a base of operations. Many visitors and locals have reported that UFOs are a regular sight in the region, ascending from their underground lairs and lowering once they’ve completed whatever task UFOs are sent out to complete.

According to reports, both the Chinese and Indian governments are well aware of what is going on and may even be working with the extraterrestrials who are claimed to be piloting the mystery airships. Indeed, Google Earth has revealed that several alleged underground entrances are surrounded by what appear to be military facilities.

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