10 Incredibly Horrifying Mysteries From India

3. The Bhootbilli

The Bhootbilli

The Bhootbilli, or “ghost cat,” is a mystery creature haunting areas of India, notably the Pune region. It’s a weird cryptid that looks like a mix of a cat, a dog, and a mongoose, and it’s responsible for killing cattle and terrifying the locals. One eyewitness described the monster as “fat and broad with a long tail, black in color, with a dog’s face and a mongoose’s back.” It can make large jumps and has at least once leapt into a tree to get away from those trying to catch it. Despite this, it is reported to be fairly huge and ferocious—it is characterized as “smaller than a lion but bigger than a hyena” in size.

Although there have been several sightings of the beast, and villagers appear to be convinced that the creature stalking them is a terrifying cryptid, it is worth remembering that India has a history of exaggerating odd animal sightings. As a result, some scientists believe the Bhootbilli is nothing more than a little civet cat combined with a lot of creativity.

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