10 Incredibly Horrifying Mysteries From India

5. The Magnetic Hill Of Ladakh

The Magnetic Hill Of Ladakh

There is a strange hill in the Ladakh region near the Himalayas that is claimed to be magnetic. If you park your car on the road leading to the top of the hill and leave it in neutral, it will automatically roll up the steep road, reaching speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour (12.4 mph). This magnificent natural—or, as some travel books will tell you, supernatural—phenomenon is known as a “Himalayan wonder” and is a popular tourist destination for visitors to the region.

The true story behind Ladakh’s “Magnetic” Hill is extremely spectacular, but not quite as mysterious. It’s basically only an optical illusion caused by the area’s unusual topography. The mountains, road, and slope are all oriented in such a manner that the region appears to be steeply uphill, although the route really travels downhill. As a result, an automobile left in neutral on a specific stretch of road may appear to roll upward.

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