10 Incredibly Horrifying Mysteries From India

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+ The Aleya Ghost Lights

The Aleya Ghost Lights

Be careful if your travels lead you to Bengal’s swamps. Aside from the usual hazards that a swampland may provide, they also have a unique kind of paranormal peril: strange lights that try to entice you to your demise.

The Aleya Ghost Lights are part of the spooky will-o’-the-wisp family of ghost lights that may be seen all over the world. They’re bright spheres that float above the marshes and entice unsuspecting visitors to follow them. They’re the souls of fisherman who died in an accident in the region, according to local legend, and anyone foolish or irresponsible enough to approach them either dies or becomes mad.

Modern science has just recently been able to answer the puzzle. The gases generated by the decomposing organic stuff in the marshes are what give Aleya her creepy ghost lights. Oxidation and ionization processes generate an alarming photon glow in the air as it rises to the surface and comes into touch with oxygen. The lights are different colors depending on the gas, which generates a plethora of varied colored ghost lights, adding to the frightening beauty of the phenomena.

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