10 Incredibly Horrifying Mysteries From India

1. Shanti Dev

Shanti Dev

Shanti Devi was born in a happy Delhi family in 1930s. However, she didn’t stay happy for long. She began insisting that her mother and father were not her actual parents when she was four years old. She said her real name was Ludgi and that her real family resided in a distant city. She claimed to have died while giving birth to a kid and provided information about her spouse and family.

Shanti’s anxious parents went out to see if there was any truth to their daughter’s bizarre statements, and what they discovered was absolutely terrifying. At the time and at the place Shanti mentioned, a young woman called Ludgi Devi had died in childbirth, and the family and relatives she described were really real. When she finally saw her “husband from another life,” she recognized him right away and acted as if he were her kid.

The newspapers soon became interested and authorities as revered as Mahatma Gandhi were soon keenly watching Shanti’s case.  She turned out to be able to remember not just her previous incarnations, but also the time “in between lives”—that is, the afterlife. During these layovers between incarnations, she claimed to have encountered Lord Krishna. She was able to recall because the Lord charged her with disseminating the narrative of her experiences.

Shanti Devi went on to become a religious scholar, teacher, and student. She absorbed the teachings of all major and small faiths for almost sixty years, attempting to uncover the universal truth behind them all, which was apparently the great task she was given. Hundreds of academics and scientists tried to disprove her claims of reincarnation memories, but no one was ever able to do so.

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