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CCVC words follow the letter sequence Consonant-Consonant-Vowel-Consonant. CVCC words, however, follow the letter sequence Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Consonant. What is CCVC pattern? CCVC stands for Consonant Consonant Vowel Consonant. This is a spelling pattern that many English words use. CCVC word lists help with the acquisition of English language skills. Keep reading toRead More →

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Parliamentary term fixed at 5 years, unless one of two situations arises, mentioned below. Following a general election, a new Parliamentary session begins. When was the Fixed Term Parliament Act repealed? Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 (Repeal) Bill What is a fixed parliamentary term? The long title for the Fixed TermRead More →

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In most species of frogs, fertilization is external. The male frog grabs the female’s back and fertilizes the eggs as the female frog releases them (Figure 2.2B). … The sperm and egg die quickly unless fertilization occurs. How does amplexus benefit frogs? But according to Bell, this reproductive strategy isRead More →

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11-year Cycle – Usually! The duration of the sunspot cycle is, on average, around eleven years. How often do sunspots appear and disappear? Sunspots appear within active regions, usually in pairs of opposite magnetic polarity. Their number varies according to the approximately 11-year solar cycle. Individual sunspots or groups ofRead More →

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Sherry wine can be dry (Vinos Generosos), naturally sweet (Vinos Dulces Naturales) or sweetened through blending (Vinos Generosos de Licor). Contrary to what most people think, the majority of sherry is dry. It is basically an aged white wine. Is fino sherry sweet? Fino wine is a dry Sherry whichRead More →

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Horatio and Marcellus are terrified of the ghost. No doubt many of the members of the audience are also frightened by the eeriness of the scene, as Shakespeare intended. Who didn’t believe in the ghost at first in Hamlet? Horatio said, “has the ghost appeared again tonight” (1.1 21), andRead More →